Keenan VanGilder: photographer, explorer, hiker, videographer, storyteller, entrepreneur, and creator.  
Photography has always been an outlet for me to express my creativity and love for the outdoors. Creating spectacular images, my work shares the stories of different people, places, and cultures.

I strive with my photography to reveal to everyone the true beauty and LIFE in this world. I use vibrant colors and bright images, to give every viewer the feeling of happiness and wonder. 

I partner with businesses through photography and social media promoting, to benefit each company and promote the things that I am passionate about. With a growing presence and popularity on social media, thousands are reached through my photos and promotions. 

Currently, I live in Kalispell, Montana, with my parents and younger brother. I love sharing my time and adventures with my family and grandparents. 

Looking to promote your brand or products? Needing content for marketing and social media? Do you want to establish a dominant social media presence and style? Reach out to me and I look forward to the great conversations that will follow!

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